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The Firefighter's 12 Commandments

  1. Be sincerely interested in and dedicated to your job. What you are able to contribute to, and receive from, the department is only limited by your own degree of personal commitment.
  2. Be loyal to the department and to your coworkers. You are a part of the department and it is a part of you.
  3. Be diligent, learn to know and like your job. Those who never do more than they are paid to do, never get paid more for what they do. Do your best to analyze and profit by your mistakes.
  4. Be aggressive in the pursuit of all education and training opportunities. You are never fully trained. The achievement of each educational objective only reveals the path to the ever-increasing body of knowledge with which the firefighter must be familiar if he is to excel in this challenging profession.
  5. Be conscientious, recognize and accept your responsibilities. These include assuming responsibility for duties not specifically assigned.
  6. Be courteous, considerable, enthusiastic, and cooperative. You were assumed to be this kind of person when you were hired.
  7. Be especially tactful and considerate in dealing with those who have experienced a loss due to fire.
  8. Be constantly aware that you are a representative of the fire department. Be certain that your dress and actions are a credit to this honorable profession.
  9. Be cautious, guard your speech, both on and off duty. As a member of the fire department it is expected that you may possess information which should not be revealed. Handle privileged communications as such, but be always willing to discuss the purposes, functions, history, and traditions of the fire service.
  10. Be the type person who inspired confidence and respect. Do this by being honest, fair, and trustworthy in all your dealings with others, and by keeping your personal affairs in such order that they would never embarrass you or the department if made public.
  11. Be able to accept criticism graciously and praise, honors, and advancement modestly. Be aware of the fact that the human personality is never completely developed. You have an obligation to all with whom you interact to continually try to improve yours.
  12. If any would be great among you, first let him learn to serve.

These commandments were found in an article written in the FFMA paper.
The author was not listed.
If you know the author please let me know.