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We're seldom named in poems, though we do have charm and poise. Firemen never
seem to have girls; It's always boy's boy's boy's!

Well, my Daddy's a fireman, and I'm pround as I can be, While my name isn't Tommy
or Billy, he loves me 'cause I'm me.

He needs both me and Mommy to remind him of things to do, Like going to Church on
Sunday and emptying the garbage, too.

One day he took me with him to his firehouse downtown, I sat in the big red engine
and pushed the siren down.

At times, I like to fool him; make him believe I'm asleep at night, He'd whisper: "Nite-
nite, little darlin', don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Please don't tell anybody, I once saw my Daddy cry, He fought a real bad fire and told
Mommy he saw someone die.

Why he fights these fires, I guess I'm too young to know, He's always helping
people...and, that's why I love him so

The reason I wrote this poem is to explain the best I can, Girls, just like boys, can say
with pride...


Author: Unknown