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The Talk

"Have I ever told you about the love of my life?"
Cap asked, with an unlike him grin.
'No!' I exclaimed, Glad to see a break in the silence we'd been in.
'Tell me Cap! Tell me!' I said with a burst of energy only a rookie could show.
'Is she pretty Cap? Is she sweet?'
"Now just simmer down there Rook, You've gotta listen close, so I'll take it slow.
'Cause my days here are short, and somebody's gotta take my seat."

He explained that he was not her one and only, that many loved her the same.
He wasn't jealous of the others, he said, "It takes us all just to keep her tame."
"And no, she ain't that pretty, and none at all sweet".
"But I love her just the same Rook, and you will too, in time."
Then his eyes grew distant, and his lips looked kinda thin.

He told me of the first time he met her," On the big one in Seventy Eight.
Threw me right down the stairs she did, so hard I thought I'd met my fate."
But HIS Cap, he said, had drug him out by his pack.
And gave him this little talk, I guess the same now that I'm gettin'
"Don't ever give her slack Rook.
'Cause once she takes it son, she never, ever, gives it back.
She's evil Rook. But you gotta love her just the same."

"You see, to love her is to know her,
And you gotta know her to keep her tame.
If you stick around for a while rook,
You'll see her dish out a lot of heartache and strife.
But if you love her like I told you son, Love her with all your heart.
You'll be able to give someone the best gift of all Rook,
The gift of life".

Author: Assistant Chief KP
Boles Fire Protection District