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It's tears we shed for him,
For he who meant so much.
It's tears we shed for him
The one's he'll never touch.
Tears for a brother, a comrade, a friend.
Who spent his life on constant vigil
Protecting the innocent from Hell's fury and flame.
Why he wasn't even on watch when HIS call finally came.

He was at home, tucked in and dreaming
Of I'm sure some smoky scene
But it wasn't the bell that woke him
It was that sixth sense, that scream.
He pulled back the shade and saw her again,
The devil herself, baring her teeth
It was all too familiar for this firefighter
Except the sirens were just too far away.
He knew if he didn't act quickly
An innocent life would be taken that day.

When his brothers arrived, the people outside
Told them that he was within
The crew pulled their helmets on tighter,
They knew what had to be done.
They had to find one of their own, one of the "Department's" son.

It was in a back room they found him
His coat thrown over that mother's son
His body, he used to fend off the devil's breath,
Saving the life of that innocent one.

When they carried him to that place of rest,
With his smoke stained helmet on that large wooden chest.
His honor guard stretched on for miles
Just his brothers saying goodbye,
Wishing him their best.

And yes, its tears we shed for him
Its not much but it means a lot.
For the salt in those tears are to remind
We come from the earth, and there, back, we will be again
And the rest is water, our weapon
To help us avenge our brother, our comrade, our friend.

Author: Assistant Chief KP
Boles Fire Protection District