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The Secret Vigil

Bells ring, a dispatcher screams
Pushing the men from their sleep.
The station comes to life as a siren pierces the night.

A woman shakes from her dreams
And wakes with worry on her face
She knows her man has gone off to fight.

His truck grow near
People point and fill the street
While the orange glow fills the dark sky

Her worry turns to fear
As more sirens fill the air
While she takes her place by the window for standby.

The heat pushes him to the floor
He knows he's getting close
He rounds the corner and sees a wall of red

A little boy walks out his door
He reaches for his mother's hand
She wipes a tear, smiles and walks him back to his bed.

His bell begins to sing
Telling him his precious air is running out
Outside, the dark smoke turns to white.

She stares at the phone, willing it not to ring
Telling herself and praying that he is fine.
Outside, daybreak takes over from the night.

He's at home now, holding her in his arms,
She can smell the smoke that held him only hours ago
He runs out side with the boy to play.
She watches out the window, thankful he wasn't harmed
He will never know about her sleepless nights,
Because she wants it that way.

Author: Assistant Chief KP
Boles Fire Protection District